Improving Pupil Attainment

Steve Morrison

Streetbeat Youth Project

Steve Morrison is the Project Manager for Streetbeat Youth Project.

Key Learning

  • Positive relationship between pupils and teachers result in young people being more engaged and receptive to learning.

  • It is important for young people to have good relationships with adults who value education.

  • Research shows that subjects that pupils perform best in are those where they have a good relationship with the teacher/tutor.

  • When pupils are underachieving, it is even more important to nurture the relationships with those pupils and this can be done through planned relationship building strategies.

  • Using an informal learning environment can break down one of the barriers to learning.

Steve's Tips

  • Build relationships in informal settings where pupils do not feel inadequate

  • Have a designated relaxed area set up in an informal way with soft seats and dimmed lighting

  • Have the pupils sit in a circle with no desks in front of them

  • Have the pupils take turns at speaking. Try 'Pit and Peak'. This helps them to become used to speaking out in class

  • Think about team buildings days/half days with teachers – these are particularly important when pupils are new to the school in Yr 8 and at stressful times such as exam times

To Recap

  • Do you have pupils that do not see the value in education? What are you doing with these pupils to motivate them?

  • What planned activities are you doing to build relationships with pupils?

  • Is there an area in your school that could be repurposed as an informal learning area?

  • Is there a particular class/group of pupils who you think would benefit from team building away days with teachers? What teachers would be involved?