TPL Thursdays! is bitesize teacher professional learning designed to support the busy teacher. Each webinar focuses on a particular theme allowing a more concentrated exploration of key areas of interest, ensuring that teachers gain in-depth knowledge and skills relevant to their practice. TPL Thursdays! offers practical ideas and strategies that can be readily implemented in the classroom to enhance pupil outcomes. 

Informal professional dialogue at the end of each webinar provides an opportunity for participants to engage directly with experienced educators, fostering collaboration and dialogue. Webinars commence at 3.45pm and finish at 4.30pm 

Page Turners 

"Page Turners: Igniting the joy of reading for pleasure and enjoyment in the classroom“ 

Page Turners is a six-part series exploring reading for pleasure and enjoyment, the research behind it, the benefits of it and what we can do as practitioners to encourage and develop this wonderful, lifelong love in our pupils. The series provides valuable insights, practical strategies, and inspiration for promoting reading for pleasure within your school community. It is led by experienced educators and academic literacy experts and each session explores different facets of cultivating a love for reading among pupils of all ages

Webinar 1:
An Insight into the PIRLS 2021 Report  

Webinar 2:
The Research Behind Reading for Pleasure

Webinar 3:
Raising the profile of Reading for Pleasure   

Webinar 4:
The Social, Emotional & Cognitive benefits of Reading for Pleasure

Webinar 5:
Strategies to Promote Reading for Pleasure in your Classroom

Webinar 6:
Raising the profile of Reading across Post Primary 

Page Turners Supporting Materials

We are excited to announce the release of Supporting Materials for our TPL Thursdays! Page Turners series, a professional learning initiative focused on promoting Reading for Pleasure within our school community.

Reading for Pleasure plays a crucial role in fostering a lifelong love for literature and unlocking a world of imagination and knowledge for our pupils. To support you in this endeavour, we have curated a comprehensive package of resources, including webinar recordings, presentations, and a wealth of additional materials.

These Supporting Materials are designed to equip educationalists with practical strategies and innovative approaches to ignite the joy of reading in your classrooms. Whether you seek guidance on creating engaging reading environments, selecting captivating books, or inspiring reluctant readers, this bitesize professional learning package has something for everyone.

By accessing these resources, you'll gain valuable insights and techniques to cultivate a reading culture that extends beyond the classroom walls. Imagine the excitement as your students eagerly anticipate their next literary adventure and witness the transformative power of reading unfold before your eyes.

The TPL Thursdays! Page Turners Supporting Materials can be accessed in this interactive document: