Resilience Curriculum

Victoria Derby

Saintfield High School

Saintfield High School is a non-selective, co-educational secondary school in the heart of the village of Saintfield, County Down. It is now in its 60th year and currently has 400 pupils in attendance.

Victoria Derby has been the Vice Principal there since 2018 and part of her role includes Head of Pastoral Care.

In this video clip Victoria talks about the introduction of a Resilience Curriculum within Saintfield High School – she discussed the vision and objective, how it was audited and developed and finally how it is delivered and presented to the pupils. The intention behind the Resilience Curriculum is to ensure the pastoral provision is child centred, relevant and age appropriate, whilst always meeting and engaging the needs of the pupils within Saintfield High School.

Key Learning

  • It was crucial to gain input from all stakeholders within the school, including pupils, parents and carers and Board of Governors – this develops a sense of ownership

  • The Resilience Curriculum is a fluid and flexible document that responds to the needs of the pupils within the school community

  • There is a mix of internal and external provision, utilising the skills and expertise of local charities and agencies

  • The Resilience Curriculum provides structure and order to a child’s pastoral journey within the school

  • The Resilience Curriculum promotes preventative education seeking to equip and empower pupils to make wise and informed decisions throughout their lives

  • Informing parents and carers can lead to further helpful and positive conversations within the home around pastoral topics and issues

Points to Consider

  • How can external agencies contribute?

  • Is pastoral provision mapped out?

  • Is pastoral support always relevant and age appropriate and meeting the needs of the pupils?

  • Is there repetition in the delivery of topic, if so is it necessary?