Transition from MLD to Mainstream

Chris McCambridge

St. Colman's Primary School, Lambeg

Chris McCambridge shares how he plans for supporting pupils transitioning streams.

Key Learning

  • The transition from MLD to mainstream is important for MLD pupils whether they are attending inclusive lessons or fully transitioning to mainstream.

  • In P6/P7 this is particularly important so that pupils are prepared for moving to another school, whether it is a MLD or mainstream school. They need to develop the tools for dealing with change and a bigger, busier and unfamiliar environment.

  • Inclusive lessons for all year groups are important for MLD pupils as they provide opportunities to develop socially and emotionally and help all pupils to understand that everyone can contribute in a valuable way within the school.

  • Many friendships can be made from integrated lessons with children meeting up outside of school.

Chris's Tips

  • Identify pupils for transitioning and degree of transitioning

  • Liaise with teacher, SENCO and parents – manage the expectations

  • Identify classes and level of differentiation and support required

  • Select the time of day that best suits the pupil and the teacher so that they can give required attention

  • Pupils attend classes in small groups and if possible, with a classroom assistant

  • Using feedback from the pupil, teacher, classroom assistant plan future development

  • Update parents and SENCO

  • Try to ensure that all MLD pupils get an opportunity to work with a larger group of children for short periods of time. It helps with their confidence and self-esteem to be able to integrate and work alongside their mainstream peers in compatible curriculum areas.

To Recap

  • How are you currently managing transition from MLD to mainstream?

  • How do you know if it is going well or not?

  • Should the MLD pupil join the same table/group each time they visit the class?