Engaging Parents

Orla McAllister

Victoria Nursery School

Orla McAllister tells how their engagement with parents has improved pupil outcomes.

Key Messages

  • Engaging with parents can positively impact on pupil outcomes.

  • As parents’ literacy and numeracy skills are developed they are better placed to support their children’s educational development.

  • As parents’ literacy and numeracy skills are developed this can help their self-esteem, sense of well-being and possibly their employment opportunities.

Orla's Tips

  • Start with child-centred activities that are fun such as planting and cooking.

  • Develop relationships with parents so that they see the school as supporting their child and them.

  • Once parents are used to coming to school for shared activities then extend the activities to those that specifically support the parents development.

To Recap

  • What activities are you doing that engage parents in their child’s learning?

  • What activities could you do to develop parents learning so that they could support their child?