Schools Working Together

Sharon Beattie

Dromore Primary School

Sharon Beattie is the founding Principal of Dromore Nursery which was established in 2000.

Traditionally nursery schools are small school communities in every way, but they have an established history of working in partnership with health and social services and colleagues in the private and voluntary sectors to achieve the best outcomes for children.

Sharon tells us how Dromore Nursery School started to work collaboratively with local schools to extend these partnerships. They enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship sharing resources and expertise.

Key Learning

  • Reach out and start building relationships

  • Understand the value in working across sectors, primary and secondary

  • Shared learning and expertise can enrich your practice

  • Explore the opportunities that exist within your local school network

Points to Consider

  • Start from concrete opportunities to collaborate such as school holidays

  • Use social informal opportunities to understand the expertise that is available

  • Be willing to share what is ‘best practice’ with others to empower staff to meet the increasingly challenging needs of children and young people

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