A Self-Evaluating School

Adele Kerr

Enniskillen Integrated Primary School

Adele Kerr, the Principal in Enniskillen Integrated Primary School and Nursery Unit, talks about the value of a phased self- evaluation in preparation for School Development Planning.

Key Learning

  • Plan self-evaluation for the coming year during the final year of your School Development Plan.

  • Space the self-evaluation out over the year with its completion in June/July in preparation for August.

  • A 3-year School Development Plan allows for work to be prioritised as the need arises.

  • Detailed Action Plans are in place for staff in August so the school year commences with clear targets.

  • The 3-year overview is a working document that can be written on and used to gather evidence in a busy school day – RAG colour is used at the end of each year to illustrate our school development.

Adele's Tips

  • In Term 1 of the self- evaluation the focus is on what is statutory – consultation with pupils, parents and staff, anti-bullying. This allows time for collating opinions and analysis of returns and both consultations involve the pupil voice

  • In Term 2 the focus is on RSE Consultation with parents and staff and the self-evaluation document with the Board of Governors. This allows time for SLT to prepare for x 2 SDD days in Term 3

  • In Term 3 the focus is on staff questionnaires and SDD Days when the ISEF document is used by all staff leading to a 3-year plan of school priorities under ESAGS. During Term 3 pupil data is gathered and analysed through GL Testing Programme. Staff also self-evaluate using their own professional judgement and The Excellence in Integration Framework to self-evaluate our ethos

  • The yearly priorities have detailed Action Plans and although not all areas require an Action Plan, (e.g. maintenance of the school building) all are included in the 3-year overview

To Recap

  • How is your school currently doing your evaluation?

  • Who is responsible for for it?

  • What documents does it link closely with?