Baseline for TPL

John Stitt

De La Salle College

Key Messages

  • Staff development needs to be meaningful and have a direct impact on pupils’ learning.

  • Once staff development has been delivered ensure that staff can implement and apply what they have learned.

  • Quantifiable data is not sufficient. There is a need to triangulate.

  • Cultural changes take time.

  • Pupils’ views on how they like to learn can inform areas for future staff training.

John's Top Tip

If delivering staff development on how staff will interact with pupils in an online environment then there may be may have different screen layouts from teachers and pupils.

To Recap

  • How are you currently measuring the effectiveness of staff support sessions?

  • Do you review staff training needs as the term progresses?

  • How do you know that the staff development sessions are having a positive impact on pupil performance?