Google Staff Training & Development

Michelle McCann

St. Mary's Primary School, Newcastle

Key Messages

  • Start by introducing Google Drive so that teachers can access files from any device anywhere without the need for a memory pen.

  • Create a Teacher’s Professional Learning folder so that teachers can access training as and when it is applicable to them.

  • For quality assurance and for moderating work create an ICT evidence folder where teachers can place work. This is also invaluable for beginning teachers.

Michelle's Top Tips for ICT Co-ordinators

  • Take it in small steps

  • Avail of the training and support available through the various communities

  • Make it a priority to attend training

  • Explore the software with your own class. Use it and test it and then share with other teachers

To Recap

  • If your school has chosen Google Classroom how many staff are competent in its use?

  • How are new teachers to your school being inducted in the use of Google?

  • What documents could usefully be shared?