Leading Staff Through Change

Colin Elliott

Brownlee Primary School

Key Messages

  • Times of change can lead to uncertainty and anxiety – ensure communications are clear and share goals and celebrate successes.

  • Communication with staff is of paramount importance.

  • Regular informal meetings with staff – such as at break times and lunchtimes means that any issues can be dealt with in a timely fashion before they can escalate to problems.

  • A detailed staff handbook is a valuable reference for new members to the team and existing staff.

Colin's Top Tips

  • Ensure the school and its staff develop together with a collegiate approach

  • Work together with fellow Principals – benefit from their experience and sharing ideas and ways of working

To Recap

  • Are roles and responsibilities for all staff clear?

  • What are the formal and informal means of communication in your school?

  • Do you have a Staff Handbook? If so, who is responsible for ensuring it is up-to-date?