Improving Oracy

Alison Jardine

Lurgan Junior High School

Key Learning

  • Many young people have become accustomed to using paralanguage and single words in normal parlance.

  • This has resulted in a limited vocabulary.

  • Pupils need to be taught how to develop their oracy skills.

  • Use simple visuals that show words that pupils currently use such as ‘so’, ‘like’ and show alternative words such as ‘therefore’ which will help them develop their spoken and written answers and ‘say it better’.

  • Closely links with Area Learning Community and cross-phase focus on improving Speaking and Listening skills.

Alison's Top Tips

  • Be specific in what words they should use and words they should not use

  • Use visual language

  • Red for words they should not use and green for words they should use was effective

  • Build easy audios into the plan such as a buzzer and bell

  • Share plan with other teachers so that this can be extended in their subjects

  • Reflect on what went well and what was ineffective

Points to Consider

  • What are you doing to improve pupils’ oracy?

  • Could you easily implement a plan such as the one in the clip into your school?

  • Who would you work with?

  • What class would you start with?