Directed Time Budgets

‘It is the professional duty of principals in all schools to ensure a Directed Time Budget is prepared for, and gives due regard to, the individual responsibilities of each teacher in their school.’
(Advice on Developing Directed Time Budgets, para. 1.1) 

This resource is part of EA support and guidance materials for school leaders, teachers and governors in relation to the implementation of the Teachers’ Agreement TNC 2020/1.   It will support principals in developing Directed Time Budgets for each teacher in school.  

This resource comprises of the following elements:

Introductory Video

An introductory video relevant to all phases, nursery, primary, post-primary and special schools.  This video focuses on the term ‘directed time’ so that there is clarity about its meaning.  It will provide answers to the following questions:

1. What is Directed Time?

2. How much time is Directed Time?

3. How is Directed Time broken down?

Phase Specific Videos

Having watched the Introductory video, you are ready to commence the second stage of the development process.  Please click on the video that is relevant to your school phase.


This video is for Boards of Governors and will provide an understanding of what is a Directed Time Budget and what are the implications for school management. 

Directed Time Budget
SWAY Resource

This SWAY resource can be accessed by clicking this weblink:

▶️ Directed Time Budget Sway

This resource contains the following: - 

SWAY – a quick reference intended as an introduction to the key messages of the time budget process.

PowerPoint – a detailed professional learning resource to support discussion, encourage reflection and clarify understanding of the time budget process.

Checklist – to enable a review of planning;

Questions – responses to frequently asked questions from principals.