Introducing Metacognitive Learning Strategies

(Up to 55 minutes)

This module is an introduction to metacognition and self-regulation.

In this module you will:

  • review the three elements of self-regulated learning

  • review the learning cycle (planning, monitoring, evaluation)

  • consider the teaching strategies you use to promote self-regulation


(5-10 minutes)

Please watch the brief video clip and read the questions that support metacognitive learning.

questions to support metacognitive learning

Click here for download link to a Microsoft Word version of this table.


(Up to 35 minutes)

Reflect on your own planning for the coming week’s learning in your classroom.

Select one class or one topic where you may like to think about metacognitive strategies.

Remember, you are likely to have your own strategies to support metacognition already, so this activity may be about identifying existing strategies as much as building in new approaches. Can you identify opportunities for your pupils to:

  • plan their approach to their learning

  • monitor their learning during the lesson

  • evaluate how well they understand the learning and identify how they can improve next time?

Review the activity sheets included in the presentation – are any of these useful to you in building in the three phases of metacognitive learning into your lessons for the coming week.


(Up to 15 minutes)

Think about your own classes and take the opportunity to plan changes you may considering making.

  • Which of the three phases of metacognitive thinking is easiest for you to build in naturally into your teaching and which may be less natural for you?

  • What strategies are you going to use this week to deliberately extend your pupils’ thinking about their own learning?

Further Reading and Support Materials