Communicating Effectively with Parents

(Up to 60 minutes)

This module looks at developing effective two-way communication with parents/carers.

Please note that where ‘parents’ are referenced in this module, this refers to anyone with parental or caring responsibility for a school-age child.

In this module you will:

  • Identify opportunities to improve home-school communication

  • Learn about invitational leadership

  • Match different types of information with different modes of communication


(Up to 20 minutes)

Please read the notes, the handout and look at the presentation.

Communication using technology has now become more mainstream and schools may consider maximising these opportunities.

Parentkind have identified four elements as key for home and school to work together effectively. They are:

  1. Effective two-way communication

  2. Parents supporting learning

  3. Parental involvement in school life

  4. Engaging with the wider community

School-home communication.docx
Invitational leadership parents ppt.pptx


(Up to 20 minutes)

Reflect on your own communication with parents this term using the Audit on Parental Involvement

Audit on parental involvement MODULE 2.pdf


(Up to 20 minutes)

Take the opportunity to plan changes you may consider making.

  • What targets will you set for improving home-school communication for the next term?(Use the audit tool to record your thoughts)

  • Are there any examples where by changing the format of the information you might be able to make your communication more effective?

  • Looking at recent communication to parents in light of the Invitational Leadership presentation, are there any changes that could invite more two-way communication with parents?