Schools and Employers Working Collaboratively

(Up to 60 minutes)

This module explores ways for schools to engage with local employers.

In this module you will:

  • Identify ways that schools can engage with employers

  • Reflect on the ways that you and your school interact with employers and the advantages of these links

  • Plan how to further develop links with local employers in specific subjects and for overall careers advice and opportunities


(15-20 minutes)

Please watch the video clip and read the pages taken from the National Careers Service document, "Why Does Employer Engagement Matter?".

The following pages have been extracted from the document entitled "Why Does Employer Engagement Matter?". Click here for the full document.

SL - Why Does Employer Engagment Matter?.pdf


(20 minutes)

Think of the links that you and your school have with local employers.

  • Identify the links that your school has with local employers

  • What do you see as the benefits of these links?

  • Have you ever been on an industrial visit? If so did you find it beneficial?

  • If you could go on a 2 week work placement where would you choose to go and why?


(20 minutes)

Think about employers in your local area.

Identify one employer in your local area.

  • In what ways could there be an engagement that would be mutually beneficial?

  • Are there currently any links between your school and this organization? (eg family, past pupils)

  • If you were to instigate developing links with this employer, how would you go about it?

  • Is there another member of staff who could work alongside you?

Further Reading and Support Materials