Teachers Working Collaboratively

(Up to 60 minutes)

This module explores ways to work collaboratively.

In this module you will:

  • Identify ways that teachers work collaboratively

  • Reflect on the benefits of collaborative working practice

  • Plan how to work more collaboratively


(15-20 minutes)

Please read the notes and view the brief video clips.

Collaboration between teachers is a powerful professional development activity that can help teachers improve their subject knowledge, think about teaching strategies in different ways and learn new ideas to try in the classroom.

How to work collaboratively

  • Have a shared vision/goal

  • Respect and value network members

  • Delegate tasks based on strengths

  • Interact regularly – take advantage of technology. Communication is key in working collaboratively.

Benefits of working collaboratively

Teachers have been found to learn more from each other than with mentors or in traditional classes and workshops. Using collaborative practices teachers have found they are more innovative in the classroom, hold stronger self-efficacy beliefs, and have higher job satisfaction.

Also it is important to model collaborative working to our pupils as Working with Others is one of the 5 Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities in the Northern Ireland Curriculum.


(20 minutes)

Think of the professional networks or collaborative working groups in which you have been involved.

Choose one time when you successfully worked collaboratively with colleagues.

  • What were the positive outcomes for your pupils?

  • What were the positive outcomes for you?

  • What were the challenges?

Think of a time when you attempted to work collaboratively with colleagues, and you did not think it was successful.

  • Why do you think it did not work out?


(20 minutes)

Think about a part of your working life were working collaboratively could be beneficial

Select one aspect of your working life where you would like to develop links with colleagues. It could concern a shared subject, year group, class, stage in your career, professional interest/support.

  • Plan how to progress collaborative practice with these colleagues.

Further Reading and Support Materials