Teacher Professional Learning

(Up to 60 minutes)

This module explores opportunities for Teacher Professional Learning

In this module you will:

  • Identify the opportunities for professional development

  • Reflect on your own professional development

  • Plan how to further your professional development


(15-20 minutes)

Please read the notes and watch the two video clips.

What is Teacher Professional Learning?

Teacher Professional Learning (TPL) is an ongoing cycle that begins with schools identifying the educational outcomes they value for their pupils. Then they need to identify the knowledge and skills that teachers need so that pupils can bridge the gap between current understandings and the valued outcomes.

Professional learning is the responsibility of the individual. It is important to recognise the value of self-evaluation and reflection in assessing gaps in knowledge/experience and planning a continuous professional learning journey.

In view of the importance of quality teaching and leadership in our schools the Department of Education published the Learning Leaders -A Strategy for Teacher Professional Development in March 2016.

Learning Leaders Strategy

The Learning Leaders strategy sets out a strategic vision for every teacher:

“Every teacher is a learning leader, accomplished in working collaboratively with all partners in the interests of children and young people.”

Underpinning this vision there are three key strategic objectives:

  • the development of an agreed Teacher Professional Learning Framework;

  • the promotion of collaborative working and sharing of best practice through professional learning communities and networks; and

  • the strengthening of leadership capacity in our schools.


(20 minutes)

Reflect on your own experience of professional learning.

  • What opportunities have you had?

  • What TPL have you found most useful?

  • How have you used self-evaluation and reflective practice to direct your professional learning?


(20 minutes)

Thinking of yourself as a ‘Learning Leader’, take the opportunity to plan changes you may consider making.

  • Is there additional support that you could ask for?

  • Is there additional support you could give to colleagues, staff in your department?

  • Could you lead in some area of professional development in your school/cluster of schools?

Further Reading and Support Materials