Effective Group Work

(Up to 60 minutes)

How to develop effective group work in your class.

In this module you will:

  • reflect on reasons for sub dividing a class and how it can improve learning outcomes

  • identify conditions for successful group work

  • plan how to develop effective group work in one of your classes


(15-20 minutes)

Please use the presentation below to further explore the effectiveness of using group work. This presentation also addresses challenges of group work in a virtual learning environment.

Read through the checklist for group work.

Creating a collaborative classroom
Checklist for Effective Group Work.pdf


(15 minutes)

Reflect on your own experience of using group work.

  • When have I used group work in a class?

  • Did I 'teach' the class how to work as a group?

  • Could the task have been completed if the pupils had not engaged effectively as a team?


(20 minutes)

Think about your own classes and take the opportunity to plan changes you may considering making.

  • Am I currently using group work effectively with my classes?

  • When I have used groupwork have the pupils enjoyed it?

  • Are there some topics that would lend themselves more to groupwork?

  • What could be the main challenges of groupwork in your classes (assessing progress, full group participation, time)?

  • How can these challenges be addressed?

  • What planning will I have to do?

Further Reading and Support Materials