C2K Resources

C2K gives every teacher and pupil in Northern Ireland schools access to three platforms which can be used for a variety of synchronous (live) and asynchronous (recorded) lessons. More information about how each can be used to meet the needs of your context can be found in the short videos below. More detailed support and guidance on the platforms can be found in the C2K media library.

C2K platforms for online learning

C2K Software

C2K Newsdesk

C2k NewsDesk is a digital resource available free to all teachers and pupils in Northern Ireland with a C2k account. They can access NewsDesk via a link on the My School home page. NewsDesk gives pupils an opportunity to engage with current news stories in a digital environment. They can be active users with opportunities to comment on stories and submit their own topical writing to a ready-made audience. NewsDesk also gives pupils opportunities to practise talking and listening and reading and writing skills that they have learned in the classroom. In the following videos you will be given guided yours of Newsdesk and Junior Newsdesk as well as hear from teachers who are already using Newsdesk in their classroom.

C2k Newsdesk Guidance.pdf
C2K Newsdesk Teachers Guide.mp4
Junior Newsdesk Masterclass.mp4

C2K Media Library

The C2K Media library is a secure digital video platform developed by Planet eStream specifically for C2K schools. It was designed by C2K not only to provide a safe environment where pupils can search for video content but also to facilitate collaborative learning and sharing of content across schools.

It contains thousands of videos which are categorised according to the target audience. These videos have been created by teachers and others education professionals

Whilst both staff and pupils have access to search for and view content, only staff can upload content.

Staff can opt to keep their content visible only to themselves, share across their own school only or share with all schools in C2K. Teachers not only upload tutorials specifically for their own class but many also willingly share across their own school or with all schools.

There are also numerous videos to support staff professional development and many of these have been recorded in schools by teachers willing to share their experience in key areas of teaching and learning

Learning opportunities can be extended by adding further resources to complement video recordings and this content can be curated to support a planned lesson. These collections are known as lesson plans. Videos can also be easily added to a playlist and shared this way also via a url link or embed code.

Content can be viewed within the media library or shared for use elsewhere either via a weblink, embed code or QR code. Whilst embed code will allow for your video to be accessed externally, a weblink or QR code will direct the user to access your video from within the media library.

EN091 - Extending teaching and learning beyond the school.pdf