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Latest News and Upcoming Events

TPL Thursdays! 

TPL Thursdays! is adopting a thematic approach to its short webinars for the 2024 summer term. These sessions will delve deeper into specific topics, providing comprehensive support tailored to the needs of busy teachers. Each webinar series will focus on a particular area, offering practical ideas and strategies that can be readily implemented in the classroom to enhance pupil outcomes.

The thematic approach allows for a concentrated exploration of key areas of interest, ensuring that teachers gain in-depth knowledge and skills relevant to their practice. Furthermore, the informal Q&A sessions at the end of each webinar will provide an opportunity for participants to engage directly with experienced educators, fostering collaboration and dialogue.

April – May 2024 Programme:

Page Turners: Igniting the joy of reading for pleasure and enjoyment in the classroom!

Our first webinar series, "Page Turners", is designed exclusively for educators like you! Dive into a world where books come alive, and the joy of reading becomes contagious.

In this series, we'll explore innovative strategies and techniques to ignite a love for reading among your pupils. Unlock the secrets to cultivating a vibrant reading culture in your classroom and beyond. Whether you're a seasoned educator or just starting your teaching journey, don't miss this opportunity to reignite the joy of reading in your pupils’ hearts and minds.

Join us for "Page Turners"and embark on a literary journey that will captivate, inspire, and empower both you and your pupils. Register now and let's embark on this exciting adventure together!

Follow this link for more information on each session:
👉 https://eani.pagetiger.com/TPLThursdaysPageTurners

The Specialist Setting Support Team (SSST) is multi-service, support team providing integrated support for Specialist Provisions in Mainstream Schools (SPiMS).


Working with existing services, and drawing on best practice from established settings, the SSST will work to ensure that staff in new provisions are effectively supported in meeting the challenge of delivering high quality provision and educational experiences for children and young people (CYP).

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Building Emotional Resilience through Inquiry

See link below to dissemination wesbsite for the 'Building  Emotional Resilience through Inquiry' Project . In the midst of the huge challenges brought about by the pandemic, many teachers engaged in this programme and in 2021-22, thirteen schools developed their work further, focussing on building emotional resilience using inquiry based learning approaches. 

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Irish Medium Hub

EA are delighted to officially launch a new Irish Medium (IM) Hub. This platform has been developed by the Shared Education and Sectoral Team and includes valuable contributions from pupils, practitioners and leaders within the sector. It has been designed to raise awareness of IM Education, showcase Case Studies and voices from across IM Schools, support practitioners through TPL and serve as a repository for a range of resources and materials. We look forward to the continual evolution of this online forum to support the entire IM community, which is accessible via the following link:

👉  EA Irish-Medium Hub

Children and Young Peoples’ Services Training Programme 2023/24

Children and Young People’s Services in the Education Authority NI are delighted to offer a range of specialist training for teachers, classroom assistants, SENCos and parents.

If you need support in accessing the registration for online training please contact cyps-info@eani.org.uk

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Teacher Tutors in Conversation

Pathways into Partnership: Setting the Context

Exploring the Pupil Experience with Michael Allen

Early Career Teachers: Top Tips

Case Study Highlights 

Building Capacity & Supporting Early Career Teachers

With a growing number of staff and a large cohort of early career teachers Rita Mullan shares how they have used ‘guided triads’ to build capacity and collegiality. Show more...

Early Career Teachers

This series of short videos has been created to support Early Career Teachers as they complete their Induction Portfolio. The videos can be viewed as a complete series in sequence or can be viewed as stand alone videos as required. Show more...

Pathways into Parnerships

These support materials have been designed as bite-sized resources which can be used within scheduled staff meetings. The purpose is to provide Principals with materials that can be used with staff as an introduction to the various themes.

 Show more...

Exploring the Pupil Experience

Michael Allen tells how they looked at learning through a pupil’s eyes to ensure that the curriculum and learning and teaching is pitched at such a level to meet the needs of all pupils. Both the methods of exploration and the results are interesting.. Show more...

Benefits of an ICT Plan

Audrey Watson tells us of the huge impact technology has had on St Macartan’s and how they are ensuring they are equipping their pupils for the future. Show more...

Baseline for TPL

Staff development needs to be meaningful and have a direct impact on pupils’ learning. Show more...

Careers Insights for Post-16 Pupils

Sonya Darcy tells us how Omagh CBS have successfully given career insights and given careers advice for subject options  all online. Show more...